93% of the participants evaluated their impression of the conference as good or excellent.

There was a range of approaches and the link between theory and practice.
I really liked organization of group communication, attention for asking questions, creative atmosphere.
Lots of interesting workshops, and an excellent organization.
I liked TA and Let's Think assessment materials, the place in the programme for writing ideas, notes and conclussion; the exhibition (a talk with colleagues from different countries) and finally the use of Menti.com
Materials of SMART Learning Project were very useuful.
I met many creative people.
I really liked teachers sharing their work in a research framework modelling practical approaches.
I enjoyed the interactive approach, plenty of hand-outs.
I really liked pre-conference Let's think tutorial, I liked the interactive exhibition, group reflection discussions.
I liked people, atmosphere, content.

Here are a few examples of specific things the participants are taking back home:
  • The use of pictures to prompt thinking
  • Stages of competence development, collaborative writing
  • A better understanding of the international picture regarding thinking
  • Reasoning answers (how to do it in writing form)
  • Inspiration to create good dialogue environment
  • Working with pictures and other tasks from Finnish teachers
  • Lets Think process of reasoning in lessons; the importance of critically evaluating that which is considered 'best practice' in competence curricula
  • New way of presenting things

And lots of delegates indicated the amount of new ideas and good mood.

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