It was an excellent conference!
A very professional approach to both content and organisation.
The conference was very well organised, thank you very much! I wish more colleagues had been present.

According to the feedback received during the first TA Teachers Conference, 95% of the participants assessed the conference as either good or excellent and 96% expressed a wish to take part in the next conference.

When asked what they are taking back home from the sessions attended, the following answers were provided:

  • Up-to-date ideas about pedagogy and a great desire to implement the Thinking Approach and study more about it later
  • Lots of practical ideas for the classroom and plenty of questions to find answers to
  • Many practical classroom examples (it was super!) and confirmation for bringing more thinking and creativity to the classroom
  • New ideas for my lessons
  • Technologies for stimulating thinking
  • Useful ideas on bringing thinking to primary school pupils
  • Courage to start teaching thinking
  • Contacts with colleagues working on creativity and thinking in education
  • Better understanding of the Thinking Approach and the wish to start teaching like this
  • Ideas on teaching writing through thinking in the EFL classroom
  • Knowledge of wonderful resources for thinking, such as www.ta-parents.eu and www.ta-teachers.eu
  • The idea of the Thinking Task Framework
  • Models for effective thinking
  • Understanding of what the Thinking Approach is and how it can be applied
  • Deeper understanding of TRIZ
  • Exciting ways for challenging my learners
  • Excellent practical ideas for the classroom, eg learner banks or work with the Point of View
  • Encouragement to do things in a different way
  • Approaches and views on how education could look like

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