English english

2. lesson on feelings
A grammar game (testing & using models) (with video)
A modern Cinderella
An Interesting Biography
Assessing objectives at an English lesson
Assessing objectives. Advanced version
Assessing objectives. Simple version
Assessing parameters. Simple version
Assessing questions. Advanced version
Assessing questions. Simple version
Class 4 Riddle Lessons
Class 5 English: writing and ENV cont.
Clothes and Selling
Clothes and Selling Part 2
Colours (age 3-5)
Describing families and people. ENV.
Describing a country
Describing a country, Alternative continuation.
Describing Families and People, part 4
Describing Families and People, part 2
Describing Families and People, part 3
Describing Families and People, parts 5 & 6
English Class 5 ENV
ESP Course - Background Information
Framework for lesson on Video clip. Form 7+
Geometric figures lesson
Handout for sorting sentences about Finland.
Happy Family Cards
Infinitive vs. -ing sorting
Integer numbers
Learner based work with videos - Salman Khan's TED video
Learning to learn words: description of lessons
Letter from???
Objectives: assessment sheets. Advanced Version
Objectives: assessment sheets. Simple Version
Parameters: assessment sheets. Simple Version
Questions: assessment sheets. Advanced Version
Questions: assessment sheets. Simple Version
Raising awareness of the use of ENV model in yes/no situational game.
Re: May 27: Reviewing the ENV of a fiction text - draft
Self-study technology (1)
Self-study technology (2)
Self-study technology (3)
Self-study technology (4)
Sorting autumn leaves
Speaking about actions
Speaking about objects
Speaking about Past - First Attempt
Speaking about the Past II (2): Imposed model
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