Support materials for the Diary Entry “Speaking about the Past II (2)

Imposed model (Present perfect/Present Perfect Continuous)

Parameters HAVE DID (Ved) HAVE BEEN Ving
Action completeness


I’ve read this book.I’ve written to Aunty to wish her Happy birthday.

(Possibly) not completed

I’ve been reading a great book, I’ll give it to you when I’ve finished.

I’ve been writing my essay all morning.

Action/Process repetition 


Paula has left early today.


Paula has been leaving work late this evening.

Action temporality 

Permanent action

I’ve lived here for 10 years.

Temporary action

I’ve been swimming 20 lengths today.I’ve been living with my friends for 10 days.

Speakers interest in/attitude towards the action 

Interested in the result

She has painted the bench.

She has talked about this subject before.

Interested in the process

She’s been panting the bench the whole day, she’s tired now. 

Action duration


I’ve saved up about 200 euro.


I’ve been saving up to buy television.

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