Subject: English     Class 6

Teacher: Susan Granlund

Competence stages: 0-2

The 6th class has been working with the simple past for quite a long time now, and the pupils know the verb forms fairly well. However, when they tried to retell the Cinderella story in English, they forgot all about the correct forms. Now we are going to write the story again, but it will be set in the modern day.

Content Aims: To practise using the simple past in context by telling stories and to expand vocabulary. To notice the language and conventions of storytelling.

Thinking Aims: To practise using ENV as a tool to help to organise the retelling of a story with new elements in it. To become aware of the distinguishing features of a fairy tale, and of Cinderella in particular, and to realise what can and can't be changed to keep the basic story the same.

Metacognitive: To be aware of the importance of using learned vocabulary and tenses in context. To try peer and self-evaluation on texts from the points of view of both language and content.

This involved several lessons and the overall plan can be seen in the first attachment. The worksheets used are in the following attachments.

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