The framework for a lesson based on a video clip.

1. Each Student chooses a video clip he/she wants to suggest for watching.
2. Teacher decides how 5 clips to be watched are chosen out of all clips submitted:

a) Teacher chooses by him/herself (preferred for the 1st clip)
b) Class is devided into 5 groups and each group should watch 3-4 clips and vote inside the group, so that finally there is one clip they recommend to the class.
c) Teacher puts titles and short descritpion of all clips and students vote for 5-8 which seem the most interesting for them.
Classroom activities. (1 Lesson  - 40 min.)


Activity 1. (10-12 min)
Students are dividend into groups of 3. They are given a list of 5 words. The words are chosen from the clip. They can be new, but they should not directly point to the situation in the clip. Words are discussed. Now each team has to think and describe the situation in which all 5 words are used together. Situations should not repeat – so each team pre-prepares 2 or 3 variants to be sure that at least 1 will not repeat. (Time – 2-3 min.)


Example: Episode about feeding sharks. Words from the clip: species, feed,  aggression, operator, behaviour..
Situations the class may come up with are:
1. Feeding of an aggressive species of an animal in the ZOO which is being filmed.
2. Feeding of a wild animal from in the natural park.
3. Film about pre-historic species of animals animals . Etc...
After these responses are collected and written on the blackboard, the teacher introduces a new word and together with the class they discuss what variants become impossible.

Example: cage – pre-historic feeding is out.
Then the teacher introduces another new word and  class discusses what other variants are made impossible.
In the end the teacher may ask the class what words should be added to make this or that situation  the most probable, or the only one possible.

Example:  On the blackboard there are only 2 situations left:
a)Feeding in the ZOO
B)Feeding of sharks
To make „a” the stand out  either  the word ZOO-keeper, or adjacent cage should be placed.
For „b” either the word shark or diver may be used.

Activity 2. (8-9 min.)
Class is given a list of 10-12 sentences with gaps to be heard in the epizode. The sentences should be chosen based on the activity which will be done after watching the clip. These 10 -12 sentences are the bank which will be later used to develop thinking skills in students.

Example: 7 sentences which describe shark and its behaviour and 5 sentences which describe divers and their behaviour are chosen. Gaps are made and all 12 sentences are given to the class forlistening activity. Sentences should be placed as they are met in the epizode.
The epizode (video clip) is watched (4 min.)
Task is discussed. Missing information is added.

Activity 3. (20 min.)
For this activity the class may work in groups or individually.
First the class is asked to divide the sentences into 2 groups. They may use any criteria for classification. Teacher accepts any strong classifications (i.e. both groups of sentences should have a precisse group name)
When the class finishes presentations teacher pays attention to the classification based on shark-diver description.
Two groups of sentences are produced(placed on a blackboard). The teacher asks students to add any descriptions they feel are still missing in each group. The teacher then challenges the quality of the presented description(collected from class and added to the lists on the blackboard). He asks if students think their descriptions are superb. Then he/she may discuss with the class how descriptions can be evaluated. One of a primitive tests is that 2 descriptions of 2 living beings should allow us to compare these beings. Students now have to  test their descritpions. They do matching exercise.  They have to match 2 sentences from 2 columns which describe the same parameter/name of feature, like – weight, degree of aggression, movement speed, height, etc. If there are gaps which means that only one being has a description under a certain parameter, then a sentence should be added for the second being. It is important for further work to put parameter in the box in between two matched sentences.

After class activity:
Option a – Students have to watch the epizode at home (computer class) and choose another object from the episode and try to describe it through the same parameters.
Option b – Teacher gives each student the list with 5 adjectives. These adjectives should be applicable to the description of objects which are mentioned or shown in the epizode. Students have to watch the epizode at home (computer class) and write down an onject next to the adjective which it describes. Later in the class teacher has to have discussion with students and try to name which parameter/name of feature each adjective describes.

Happy creative trying.

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