Sorting autumn leafs

The aim- to sort autumn leafs in to 2 groups. To improve English language vocabulary  with words: size, color, shape.

The thinking aim- to analyze what is common and different between leafs (color, size, shape).

Procedure- the kids are getting a bunch of autumn leafs and they are asked to sort them in to 2 leafs and to explain why.

Comments- this was the 1st sorting activity for kids (the group was formed from kids who are the second year at school and from the new one). It was not easy to concentrate and make a task. It was more a game of opportunities, then the task. Some of the kids just put the leafs in one group, some made 2 gruops.The group of kids has very different language experience (somebody speaking fluent, some has no English at all).

Thinking framework- in this activity we used the only thing from Thinking task framework- listing the typical answers.



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