Introducing Challenge to Pre-School Children (I)

(Reflection on the attended lesson)

Feb 17, 2013

Background Information

I was invited to attend a lesson of one of the teachers working with a group of pre-school children (aged 4-6) who has just started working with the Thinking Task Framework for introducing thinking into her lessons. This is a reflection on one of the first of her lessons.


  • Private classes of English;
  • A group of 5 children aged 4-6;
  • Children attend the lessons once a week for 1h


Lesson Description ‘Before’

Language aims:

  • revision of the numbers (1-20), colours and some ‘mixed’ vocabulary;
  • introducing new vocabulary on clothes;
  • giving characteristics of the characters from the Little Red Riding Hood 

Thinking aim:

  • Finding similar and different features (introducing challenge to practice the ENV model via games Odd-one-out, Finding similarities)


  • Cards with numbers, colours
  • Printed outlines if some cloth items


Lesson Description and Comments

Activity 1: Thinking and Numbers
Activity 2: Thinking and Clothes
Activity 3: Thinking and Odd-one-out
Activity 4: Thinking and the Characters of the “Little Red Riding Hood”
General conclusions

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