The Thinking Task Framework is a tool for the teacher interested in integrating the thinking dimension in his/her lesson. It summaries the steps to be made by the teacher and the learners while working on a task.

The Thinking Task Framework consists of three steps (links will take you to a detailed description):

  • Step 1 introduces the challenging task and contextualises it for the learner;
  • Step 2 gets the learner to build a strategy for coping with the challenging task;
  • Step 3 requires reflection on outcomes of working with the task (level of work), the strategy developed for the task (level of strategy) and the tools employed for developing / improving the strategy (level of model)

You can see that the steps make a loop, as Step 3 should normally lead back to Step 1, just at a higher level. The sub-steps for each of the main steps show possible activities for performing the actual step of the Framework.

The Thinking Task Framework is an example of work in progress. Your questions and comments are welcome.


# Edgar Lasevich 2012-02-14 17:03
THis scheme should be a head document to the 3 steps, and probably possess direct links to the step descriptions. Is it also possible to make a navigation (schema) which would show teachers all 3 steps and emphasize the step where they are now. OUr documents, which are developed so far, very stricktly follow this step division.
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