The idea here is that grade 6 and grade 7/8 are both looking at two big questions/mysteries.

1. Why is the periodic table organised the way it is (it's a rather odd shape)?

2. Why do atoms combine in the numbers/combinations they do?

Both of these are good candidates for application of ENV as the answer to both lies in a number (1 - 8) which is a characteristic of each atom.

This variable is not obvious.

The material is very abstract there is really nothing in the students' experience to attach it to.

Identification of variables in both classes is not a problem, assimilating the vocabulary is, due to it's abstract nature.

The strategies will be for question 2 only. i.e. describe a set of instructions to allow anyone to find correct (existing) combinations of the first 20 atoms.

e.g. H2O (water), HCl, NaCl (table salt) etc.

The first activities involve students listing all variables on the periodic table - here.


# Larisa Sardiko 2011-05-22 10:44
Deirdre, I wish I (when a pupil) was asked such questions at our chemistry lessons.
Could you give an example of a variable, please? Is it a parameter or a value?
# Krishnakali Gupta 2011-05-26 20:48
As I understand,Larsa (and Deirdre) "variables" here is a parameter, each of the variable(s) in the list would be a value?
# Alexander Sokol 2011-05-28 16:13
Deirdre, can you please add a link under 'here', it's missing at the moment.
Do I understand correctly that you're going to post a continuation where you share how the lessons went on?
# Deirdre Jennings 2011-05-31 17:19
Sorry about the link but I couldn't get it to upload at the time!

As for variables - get a copy of the periodic table and really look at contains so much information that it amazes me every time I have a fresh look!

If you want try this activity for yourself as laid out above - and in part 2 - you'll need a scissors, glue and patience :)

Um - I'm clicking on the edit button next to the post and it won't let me edit just keeps reloading the page...? the edit button for this post worked fine!
# Deirdre Jennings 2011-06-07 16:25
Hi as I couldn't edit this one I started it again - here -
# Deirdre Jennings 2011-06-07 16:31
variable = parameter
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