The aim of the task:

  • to express ourselves;
  • to create art using different materials;

The process- during the first attempt to create art with different tools we find out, that we can already make a tasks with limitations. So this time we created a situation: we are going to visit a friend and we want to brink flowers. But we have a problem:

  1. We have now flowers in the classroom. How can we solve it? The kids already had an idea- that we need to go and buy.
  2. Here we came with another limitation- we can not go out of school without mummies and daddies and this is to long to wait till the evening.

This means we need to look for another solution. And this came the idea- we can create our own flowers. So th kids started to wonder around and come in with different ideas how to make it.

In this task they had a freedom to come bring everything they wanted. So we got flowers from cotton balls, stones, Play- Doh, pipe cleaners and so on. In this case everybody got opportunity to express idea and to find that art comes from many sources. 

Coment- this was a step in to using ENV model, but we are still working and developing it.


# Gillian Boniface 2012-02-14 12:55
This sounds like a great contradiction lesson, and also a great Art lesson. I love the idea that they had the freedom to create flowers out of anything at all.
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