preschool (5-6 years old) 33 students
Discipline: interdisciplinary
children are in the third kindergarten year
Time: 1 week
Theme: in the land of fairy tales
Pedagogical goal: The project had several purposes but those for achieve which I used OTSM –TRIZ tools are: to be able to describe a character, to be able to differentiate reality from fantasy, be able to evaluate morally the amount of events and character traits of people (good-bad)
Type of lesson: mixed ( consolidating and learning)

OTSM-TRIZ tools: the bank of objects, the passport, the Tower game

I had a one week project about the fairy tales, “in the land of fairy tales”. every day was a fairy tale presented and we learned and assimilated knowledge about: Little Red Riding Hood, Little three pigs, Hanssel and Gretel, The little bag with 2 coins (a romanian fairy tales about a rooster…see it here .).
children gathered around the week stories presented characters. (drew, cut, colored, painted, glued,etc.)
In the end of the week each child had their own bank of characters and  for each character in the stories we made a passport. The children don’t  know to write and to read ( only some of them)  so we used signs and images.
In the last day was the project evaluation.
Will form groups of five children. each of them will read one passport intentionally omitting something (element, name of feature, a value). Others must complete. Who give the biggest number of correct answers is the winner of that team. Then winners from each team will face each other. at this stage will miss two, three things.

they play the Tower game
Each children plays a role of one character from the  bank. one of them live in a tower. he/she says: I live in a tower and I’m waiting guest. The other character knocks  on the tower: Open the door, please, I want to live with you. The owner of the tower agrees to invite the guest if he  answers  what is in common between him and the owner.

in the end we play  theatre, the climax stage for each fairy tales we’ve spoken about but thinking and playing What would you have done?


# Alexander Sokol 2011-03-01 09:40
Cristina, thanks for the post. Can you please tell us more how the process of making a passport was organised with children unable to read and write yet? I think it may be interesting for other colleagues to see which symbols you used and how it worked. If you could say a few words about how the work was technically organised, it may also be useful.
It may also be interesting to see if there were any differences when collecting information about various parameters in the passport. Did the children find all of them equally difficult or were some easier than the others? If the latter, how did you deal with it? Especially, when dealing with more difficult parameters.
And the last question. You've been working with passports for some time already. Do you as a teacher see any differences in how the children approach character description? If so, which ones?
Looking forward to your comments.
# Larisa Sardiko 2011-03-04 10:59
Cristina, I found your work very interesting and inspiring. Thank you for the ideas.
Larisa Sardiko
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