The aim of the task:

  • to express ourselves thought art;
  • to find new materials and tools for creating art;
  • to learn new words of art materials and tools.

The process- The group of 15 kids (age 4-5) got an a task to create an autumn tree. They were asked to bring all the things they think they can use for this task. We collected a pile of pencils, markers and paint brushes. So we took all this things away and told today we are going to make it without over regular tools. It was really not easy to explain why so we made a decision that we are going to keep paint and paper. They just need to look for another kind of ''paint brush'' (this was the first task like this, so we were not sure how big the limitation in this age group can be). For some of the kids it was not difficult to find a tool- like a sponge, a top from a marker, stick. But other got stuck. So we started to look around the classroom together- we found a bead, a feather, Lego blocks and so on. And the fun begun...

Comments- while planing this task, we were not sure how it works, so probably we did to much organizing and we didn't left the full freedom fro the kids. But probably this is the first time it was 3 steps- take a way a fish and teach fishing and reflect. Of course reflection part was only about the process and result, but we discussed what and how we have reached the goal.


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