The aim is to use the thinking task framework with the trainees in 5 group meetings in March and in April to help them to learn to use it better with the pupils. I've got limited time to introduce them into thinking approach.  By using the framework in dealing with the matters that are relevant in this part of their training, I can show them how it works. When they deal with it by themselves in group meetings, they'll get a better understanding of using it in teaching.

1. Group meeting with Alenka and 7 new trainees, who will do their first practice in a class: group 1 14.3.-8.4. and group 2 11.4.-13.5.


Topic: writing down aims for the pupils (30 minutes)

-Write down aims for the pupils in the subject you'll be teaching. Do that in 5 minutes.

I had written down a list of aims for one school day by one of my previous trainees.

-Which skills do these aims develop?

Most of the aims were content based.

-What kind of skills the parents would like their children to learn at school?

Most of the answers were content skills.

-What kind of skills the future employer would like his/her employees to have?

Now the answers were

-understanding, problem solving, thinking, group work

Then we looked at their aims and the trainee's list of aims to see if these skills were found there. They were not there. Will they appear in the class if they are not written down as aims?


Using the different point of view in thinking about the skills for the future helped the trainees. When they start planning their units they have to write down aims. They told me that they haven't dealt with the aims in their studies very much so far. I was going to show them  the thinking task framework but ran out of time.

The trainees have to write down their personal aims for their training for the next meeting.

2. Group meeting


Topic: How to make aims that develop thinking skills and not only talk about the content?

How to make challenging tasks for the pupils with the help of smart aims?

Will be asking them to post the personal aims to me before the meeting

The topic: learning is all about a change

Aims: To understand how to make aims

To try out ENV-model in finding features of change

What do we need to take account if we what a change in pupils' skills? 

The list the trainees wrote down.

  • taking into account skills accuired before
  • activating the pupils
  • the pupils need to understand
  • the pupils reflect on their learning
  • interaction

These are the things the trainees write down in their plans. Is it possible to plan interaction?

After the task I showed them the Thinking Framework and talked about the tools. I showed them the use of ENV-model in their task.

3. group meeting


Aims: To find out what interaction means in the classroom

To use the sorting tool for features of interaction. Give the trainees a possibility to use a tool which they could use with the pupils.

Write down two features about interaction in class 3b with the handwriting you will use during the lessons on the board.

The pieces of paper were put on the board. They were sorted in groups which was not very easy.

Mistä tuntitilanteen vuorovaikutus muodostuu?

Which are the parameters of interaction during the lesson?

1. ihmiset/people

2. vastavuoroisuus/reciprocation (liittyy kaikkiin asioihin)

3. No name

  • viitekehys/framework
  • selkeä ohjeistus/clear instructions
  • oppilaantuntemus/the knowledge about the pupils as learners

4. toisen kuunteleminen/listening

5. No name

  • opettajan ja oppilaan oma aktiivisuus/teacher's and pupil's activity
  • osallistuminen/taking part in

6.  turvallinen ilmapiiri/secure athmosphere

  • hyvä yhteishenki/good group spirit
  • luottamus/trust
  • rehellisyys, luottamus, avoimuus/honesty, trust and sincerity
  • yhteiset säännöt/common rules

7.  työrauha/to be able to work in peace

  The sorting will need to be reflected in the next meeting.

The task to write down personal aims was given.

Write down four aims in question form.


The first unit plans were checked. The music unit plan was taking into account thinking skills!

4. group meeting







# Alexander Sokol 2011-03-01 09:47
Kirsi, thanks for the post. Can I ask if you were satisfied with the first meeting yourself? Did you see any advantages / disadvantages in the approach you used this time? If I got you right, you managed to resolve the problem of bringing the trainees to the need for thinking aims in addition to the content aims, didn't you? Any other things you managed to achieve? Any things you wanted to achieve but failed to?
# Kirsi Urmson 2011-03-06 13:05
I was satisfied with the idea of starting from the aims. Since there was not a lot of time I had to rely on the fact that the trainees find out other information about their training on the website. The disadvantage was that I didn't have time to show and go through the thinking framework.I'm sure that this way though the trainees will start planning their lessons more from the pupils' point of view. I would like them to think about what the pupils are doing during the lesson and not just plan content based lessons with a lot of talking by the teacher.
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