I have realised that setting a SMART aim is crucial for effective planning and implementing a plan. I am trying now to get my students to set a specific aim for their microteaching lessons. I realised that aims like: e.g. ‘develop pupils’ speaking skills in the use of specific vocabulary and structure’ is not measurable and not connected with life as it focuses on the tools. When thinking over my own aims for my lessons I feel I am getting a deeper understanding of the meaning of my lessons and I am trying to get my students to go through the same process. So I may say that setting an aim has acquired its real meaning for me.

In my attempts to explain it to my methodology students I have come up with the following metaphor. Supposing we want to learn shooting a certain aim. Shall we achieve it if we just shoot a wall? Setting an aim like developing speaking skills is shooting a wall.

I cannot say I have become good at setting a specific aim myself. The most difficult thing for me remains setting a specific thinking aim and identifying the respective TTF step.

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