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I have been trying to introduce several TA Systems in my practice with the secondary school students. If you are interested you can find some of the reflections on my experience here.

This year I decided to try to introduce thinking through the Text Technology of the Thinking Approach. These are my reflections on the first experience of working with this technology.

Running ahead, I can say that I do not see much inventive thinking in what we did. Nevertheless, I think that some useful conclusions were drawn from this experience that’s why it is worth posting this reflection here.

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# Alexander Sokol 2013-03-05 11:22
Renata, thanks for another series of reflective posts. I will provide specific comments under specific posts they refer to. One general comment, though. When you are saying that you don't see much inventive thinking in what you've been doing, what are the criteria? How do you judge the amount of inventive thinking in this or that lesson / series of lessons? Can this be turned in a kind of check-list for colleagues?
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