• students will be able to compare two places;
  • students will be able to use ENV model for comparing two places.


There are two texts about two hotels suggested in the Face2face (pre-intermediate) student's book.

1. Students should read the texts about the hotels and choose the appropriate hotel for the Scientific Biology conference with the number of participants (about 100 scientists).

2. The students should fiil in the table and think about the parametres they are going to choose the best hotel for the conference from.

I belive that this part was challenging for the Chinese students. One of the students put his head on the table. I asked him what had happened and was very surprised and pleased to hear that He was thinking!

As a hometask students should write an article to our University magazine "University Life" about the best hotel to stay for the foreign student.







# Irina Buchinska 2012-02-26 20:59
Lena, did you achieve your aims? Did they use ENV? How did they choose the parameters? Did they choose the same or different parameters?
Why do you think this task was difficult for your students?

How successful were their articles? How, in your vision, was the home task connected with the things you did in class?
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