I have been around the Thinking Approach (TA) for around 3 years already. All the previous experience was connected with some theoretical understanding of how TA is used and some fragmental attempts to try it out with some private students. Objectively speaking I have no systematic teaching experience in general and no systemic experience working with TA. Right now, I start working with forms 10-11 in a school and that gives me the opportunity of systematic teaching experience. Realising that TA is one of the effective approaches that is aimed at developing students thinking skills I would like to use it during my teaching experience. These are my reflections on the process of working with the Thinking Approach. They might be useful for someone who one day will decide to join TA-teachers movement.


P.S. These reflections are only my perception of what TA is and how TA lessons look like and thus should not be considered as the correct understanding of the approach but merely as its subjective perception.

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