I did a follow-up task on word order in Danish main clauses with my student.

The student had done a similar task before, but it was a month ago or so, and she couldn't remember the rule. But when she started looking at the examples, she remembered the rule (subject first/something else first). Nevertheless, she didn't sort all the sentences right. As I had expected, sentences 5 and 12 were problematic because they is a conjunction before the subject. Sentences 6 and 9 were also difficult because they start with the pronoun "det", and the syntactic status of this pronoun was not obvious for the student at first. In general, inverted sentences were more difficult to sort out correctly, than non-inverted ones. With some help, the student solved the task.

The task forced the student to think and, I suppose, it helped to increase the student's understanding of Danish word order issues.

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