Subject: English             

Class 4 (2nd year of English. 2 x 45 minutes a week)

Teacher: Susan Granlund

Competence stages: Stages 0 - 3


Linguistic: To expand and revise vocabulary in many areas (parts of the body, homes, adjectives, places, movement, character...) in the context of talking / writing about animals. To practise using 'has' and doesn't', which are new to the pupils and which many find difficult. They also confuse 'is' and 'has' and these are used a lot when describing animals.

Thinking: To be able to describe an animal appropriately, so that someone who had never seen the animal would recognise it; to learn to recognise and use parameters and values to help organise and plan thoughts and work ; to learn to think about the distinguishing features of something.

Metacognitive: to become aware of and start to recognise the difference between remembering words and being able to use them in context.

The first attachment gives details of the plans for several lessons, and the worksheets and other material used are in the following attachments.


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