A vegetable project

Kirsi Urmson, Rauman normaalikoulu

Lesson 1-2

Content aims: get the pupils aware of their vegetable eating, working in a group of three

Thinking aims: learn to find problems and write them down, learn to think about aims and formulate them, assess work by oneself and in a group of three

Every pupil will think about their own eating: do I take vegetables on my plate

Are there any problems concerned about the food they eat/food they don’t eat?

Is anybody worried?

They will need to find reasons for not taking so many vegetables on their plate. Is there anything that could be changed? How?

The follow up lessons

Hopefully tasting will come in the conversation. One way of finding information about vegetables is tasting. Is it possible to recognize vegetables by tasting them? What would that test be like? The pupils will design tasting tests in groups of three. They will need to plan the test properly, so that the other 4th class could try the test. The test will be assessed in our own class and later in class 4a. 

After the series of tasks

The pupils were thinking how they could encourage each other eating more salads. They were designing rather new combinations than putting new ingredients in their salads. They designed tests and made lists of the ingredients they needed. They wrote the rules for a test and designed a sheet for collecting data. The making of the salads and testing took place in the home economics class.

Learning outcomes

It is important to recognize where the problems lie, if we want to change something. Testing needs to be done in an accurate way so that we can learn something from it.

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