A phenomen based learning project about time. (Grade 3)


Hilppa Jankama, Rauman normaalikoulu


This thinking task was just one part of a larger project where students were learning different skills connected to telling, calculating and understanding time.

One part of the project was planned by a student teacher as a part of a themed teaching practise, where student teachers plan and conduct lessons for one whole week. The student teacher in question chose to study a student centered approach to planning lessons and students were involved in the process of creating learning outcomes and planning activities. Core subjects were Finnish, math and science.

Another part was learning how to tell time in English and learning vocabulary connected to time on language lessons.

My part of the project concentrated on one outcome in our current curriculum - "studying the structures and mechanisms of different devices"  This part of the project took 8 lessons in total during a period of two weeks.

Science content outcome:

Understanding at least two different mechanisms for measuring time and explaining them in your own words.

Completing a process of acquiring knowledge, designing and testing.


Thinking outcome:

Reasoning your own thinking in a convincing manner.

Applying knowledge gathered from reading comperension tasks.

Designing and testing your own apparatus for measuring time.


Other outcomes:

Practising strategies on reading compressension.

Answering questions both orally and literally.

Promoting agentic learning culture.


NB: all worksheets and tasks are in Finnish

Download this file (Aika, kysymys 1.pdf)Aika, kysymys 1.pdf[ ]1106 kB
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