This is a handout we shared with colleagues during the introductory workshop on the Thinking Approach at Eura, Finland.


TOOLS for thinking

Alexander Sokol

käännös Susan Granlund ja Kirsi Urmson

1. ENV

elementti-ominaispiirre-ominaispiirteen arvo

2. Limitation


3. Obstacle


4. Yes-No games

kyllä-ei –pelit/kysymykset

5. What is…? questions


6. Riddle type questions


7. Different point of view

eri näkökulma

8. Problem solving


9. Sorting


10. Bank


11. Contradiction


12. ”Tongs”


13. Text technology


14. Problem – aim – obstacle – desirable results

ongelma-tavoite-este-haluttu lopputulos

15. Strong questions (in games)

vahva kysymys (peleissä)

16. Formulating a problem- components of contradictions

ongelman muotoileminen - vastakkainasettelun osatekijät

17. Sorting words, little sentences

sanojen ja lyhyiden lauseiden uudelleen ryhmittely

18. Reflection


19. Thinking games for young learners

pienten lasten ajattelua kehittävät leikit

20. Multi Screen



# Alexander Sokol 2011-01-23 12:51
I wanted to ask if there's any particular reason why you've decided to put OTSM-TRIZ models (eg ENV, multi-screen), types of tasks (eg sorting and bank), TA technologies (eg the Text Technology)and steps of the thinking task framework (eg limitation, reflection) into one handout?
Wasn't it misleading for your colleagues?
# Kirsi Urmson 2011-02-25 17:41
All the "tools" were picked from a sheet we got during our first course in Latvia January 2009. On that sheet we were asked to write down how we thought we could use them in teaching. I have tried to reform that sheet with Susan and will put it in the materials for you to see. My trainees found it useful even if it looks complicated. We have to use tools so we need to know about them. It is difficult if one has to make tools.
# Alexander Sokol 2011-03-09 10:42
I agree it's important to explicitly speak about the things you've included in the handout, I just wonder if it's useful to put them all together. As some of them are actual models for thinking (eg ENV, multi-screen), some are types of tasks (sorting, banks, yes-no games), some are 'tools' for teachers (eg limitations).
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