The Wolf and the Pigs

A wolf was slouching along the edge of the forest looking for prey when he saw a mother pig with her piglets on the river bank. He licked his lips as he thought of the roast pork he would eat. He crept stealthily behind the piglets and was just about to grab the plumpest one when the mother pig caught sight of him.

‘ My dear wolf, please don’t eat my children before they’ve all been christened!’ she pleaded. ‘ And surely you’ll allow me to sing one last hymn?’

The wolf’s stomach was already rumbling and he really didn’t have time to wait for the piglets to be christened, but he didn’t want to deny the mother pig her last wish and he agreed.
‘ Well, hurry up and just dive quickly to christen them,’ he said and sat down on the shore to follow the ceremony.

But the mother pig leapt with all her piglets into the river and they swam to the opposite bank. Gobsmacked, the wolf was left watching them go. And so, through his own stupidity, he had to do without a mouth-watering pork roast.

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