HOLES               This is connected to the diary posting:  Louis Sachar's 'Holes' - making a short film

Class 6 opinions on the book and the film:

Book + The book was longer. Things were explained more clearly and better. You could imagine the places and characters yourself. The plot was clear. Things were well described.

Book – The book was difficult to understand.The plot wasn’t fast enough.The plot jumped about in time and place too much. The book was complicated.

Film + The plot was clear. The film was easy to follow and understand. The film was well-made and short enough. The actors were good. The film was fun. The best film I’ve ever seen.

Film- Some of the events in the book were left out. The boys looked different and were a different age from what they seemed to be in the book. The names weren’t translated into Finnish. The differences between the book and the film  Stanley was overweight in the book.In the film Zero was younger. There were differences in the characters’ appearance. The book was longer. Zero was sicker in the book. Some things were missing in the film.Time passed differently. The scenes were shorter in the film. It was easier to understand the film. They spoke differently.

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