This worksheet shows sentences the pupils themselves suggested to describe the word 'suitcase'. (See Password Game.) The pupils have to sort their own sentences, find names for the sorted groups and then reorganise the information to make an ENV model of the word suitcase, from which they could then think about how to make an ENV model to help them describe many other objects.

Sort these sentences into seven groups (write the numbers of the sentences). If you can, name the groups.

 1. It’s like a rectangle.      2. It can be heavy.     3. You use it when you travel. 4. It’s got a lock.     5. It can be light.     6. It can be any colour.     7. It’s quite big.     8. It’s got a handle.     9. It’s sometimes brown, or grey, or blue...     10. You can put stuff in it.           11. You can pack it.     12. It can be made of leather.     13. It’s bigger than a handbag.        14. You can carry it.     15. It can fly.     16. It can be made of plastic.     17. It’s made of strong material.

GROUP 1     _________________________________________________________________ 

GROUP 2     _________________________________________________________________ 

GROUP 3     _________________________________________________________________

GROUP 4     ________________________________________________________________ 

GROUP 5     _________________________________________________________________ 

GROUP 6     _________________________________________________________________  

GROUP 7     _________________________________________________________________  


Now reorganise the information.

                WORD                            NAME OF GROUP                            SENTENCES


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