Sort these words into two lists. Give the two lists a name.

a cinema   a bookcase   a camera    a director   a chapter

an actress     a character    a main character     an actor

a front cover      special effects    a title        a screen

a page       a plot         a story        a beginning   

an ending    music          a screen            a library

a novel     a scene       a description    a cartoon

    a comic book    a short story    a script











Now take some words out of the lists to make a third list. Why did you take these words out? What group are they?












# Alexander Sokol 2011-10-25 07:09
Susan, do you think it might be useful to say a few words about possible groups students can come up with? I'd also suggest that you add a link to the diary page where you're reflecting on the use of this task in class.
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