Form 7

Task . Look at the tree in the middle of our school yard. It is talking to the new benches around it.  It likes all the changes that have happened since summer in our school yard.

Write a text. Your tree is very intelligent, patient, a philosopher or artistic, romantic, active, and sporty.

Choose one option, add any other features to the tree if you consider necessary (you will get additional 2 points) to make the description more precise.


What to speak about: - what was the yard last year; - what it is like now. You can write it as a monologue or a dialogue.


Fragments from the pupils’ written works



-          Oh! How nice is here! But the next morning will be more amazing, because I am going to ask birds and squirrels for skiing and skating on me!

     I know that you, benches, have been here for not long. Now I am going to tell you a story about our yard. Before the changes it was very empty and I stayed there alone, without friends. But now I have got you!, the big brown tree kissed all branches.



2.  Tree: How about talking a little?

     Benches:  Ok, what about?

     Tree: You know that I’m romantic so can we talk about romantic things?

     Benches: sure, do you remember your most romantic moment?

     Tree: Yes, this year since you were made many pairs have sat here on you and have talked about most interesting things. One day one pair talked about where they were going to marry. The man offered to fly to Cyprus and to live there.


  Benches: Nice, but we need to stop, I need to go, Bye.



3. “Hello everybody! Today is a very nice day! How are you, benches?”, said a big tree.


    “We are fine”, answered the benches.


“Today in school there is a very big sport competition. There are two football teams that I like very much. After reconstruction in the school yard is a big place for children to play tennis, football, volleyball, etc.



4. - Oh, Mr. bench, I am really sorry, my leaf is on you, but in fact it’s very bad for me because a leaf saved is a leaf gained. 

-Hei tree, don’t worry! Be happy! Your leaves are very nice.

- Mr. Bench (do you)  I remember that in 2005 Artem Nikulin went to this school and now he is writing a story about us and ….

- Really? I will be a star!

- Oh, about stars …. Do you know that I was a leaf football star and I I won over a Fir tree from the park…….  Are you here. ( he hears - - -).

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