Teacher Reflective Journal - Guidelines
Reflective journals of the project participants are one of the most important outputs of our project. The guidelines below are aimed at helping us reflect on the learning / teaching process in a similar way, so that the experiences can be compared and built upon.

We propose to divide our notes on the lesson / task in three parts: what we wanted to do, what actually occurred and what we think about it. Each part will consist of several sub-parts, as seen below.

1. Lesson / task description - before

  • Aim (what I want them to learn)
    • In terms of subject matter
    • In terms of thinking
  • Materials I am going to use (with a link to specific materials if possible)
  • Tasks I am going to use (with a link to specific tasks if possible)

2. Lesson / task description – after

  • Procedures (how we worked: time, organisation, etc.)
  • Learners’ response and outputs (how they responded to the task and what they actually did in the lesson)
  • Teacher’s role (what the teacher actually did and how)

3. Overall reflection on the lesson / task

  • Aim aspect (to what extent did we reach the aims?)
  • Tasks & materials aspect (how did we work on the tasks to reach the aim? Please make specific references to the steps of the thinking task framework)
  • Questions / conclusions for the future
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