Part 9. Reflection Tasks to students on the work with the text 'Weekend' by fay Weldon.

Task 9.1. List the words and expressions you found useful and worth learning when working upon these materials:
From the text:     
From the exercises:     
9.2., Which tasks did you do? To what extent did you enjoy working on the tasks? Please give details.
9.3. What did you learn from the tasks?
- about understanding the text
- about how to do the tasks
- other
Did you do the preparation part to all tasks, to some tasks, to none of the tasks? Why/not?
Task 9.4.
Did anyone help you with the tasks? What kind of help was it?
Task 9.5.
How much time did you spend on the tasks? __________ Did you find this long enough? Please give details.
Task 9.9.
How would you estimate your work? ______ (10 point system). Please give your reasons.


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