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There are some simple methods to publish a video on the website using youtube & co.

Why? Main goal: you don't need any special software to publish a video, just upload your video to youtube. This also helps to keep our server space free from lots of videos and make the performance more stable.

1. Upload your video to youtube or another social network video portal (,, etc.)
2. Copy the link code or source code (embedded) from your uploaded video.

Then paste the code according to those few examples below (in the following pages) as shown:



Example 1: A simple link to an external URL:

1. click on the video with the right mouse button. Video properties window appears.

2. You have 4 possibilities here to copy a video URL:

 Here you can see "copy video-URL" for Example 1



Example 2: A simple "hidden" link to an external URL: LINK

Just write the word in your article, which will be linked with a video URL, using insert/edit link button.

Paste (by pressing CTRL+V) your copied link into the Link URL line, define Target (the window where your link will open), write the Title, click on "Insert".



Example 3: pop-up link

(video will be appear in the pop-up window)



Example 4: embed the video directly into the article source code

inserting an embed code with simple paste goes wrong: you see the code inside of an <object>-tag: <object> (code) </object>

to insert an embed code correctly click on "toggle editor" button (below text editor window) and then insert the embed code with CTRL+V on the free place, normally between <p> ... </p> tags

click in toggle editor again - you are back in the layout mode and you see yellow rectangle - this is the film-object you've inserted.

Then click on film-strip symbol in the tools pallette above and you can now define dimensions and other properties of your video:



Example 5: link to "lightbox" using class "modal": LINK

Just write the word, click on insert-link button in the tools pallette above and finally proceed to registry label "Advanced", write there in the "Classes" line: modal

If you need a caption for your video, proceed to label General and write there in line Title whatever you like.

click on insert-button: READY!

caption (Title) appears below the video:

to be updated and continued! ...

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