Topic – London vs Paris. (2-3 lessons)

Grade – 7th grade


This lesson plan is based on an infographic. Infographics are a great source of information. Many learners are more visually stimulated and research tells us that the use of colour and imagery can help to make learning more effective and memorable. The lessons progress through a range of tasks that engage student’s interest, encourage them to interact and share information, develop their abilities to extract information and push them to view information critically.


• To develop students’ abilities to think critically and form informed opinions, to find points/parameters according to which students can present the city or compare it.

• To develop students’ abilities to study effectively using digital tools.

• To develop students’ abilities to read and understand visual information.

• To develop students’ abilities to speak about/present the city.

• To develop students’ abilities to ask questions, to make dialogues.

• To develop students’ abilities to compare.

The structure

Discussion task

I start lesson with a discussion task to start the students thinking around the topic so that they start to access their existing knowledge of the area. This task is also created to generate interest and curiosity.

Reading tasks

For each of the infographics I’ve tried to design some reading tasks. The first is a scanning task so that the students look for specific information in the infographic to give them a superficial overview of the structure of the information.

The second task demands deeper comprehension of the content and the ability to understand the information

Post reading discussion tasks

Post reading discussion tasks gives the students the opportunity to share what they have learned from the content and give a more personal response to the information.

Follow up tasks (9, 10)

Presenting task gives students the opportunity to consolidate their learning in the form of recorded presentation using digital tool.

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