In addition to the Old Riga Tour offered to all delegates on Sat afternoon, you can choose one of the following tours on Sunday:

Tour 1. Rundale palace

Tour 2. Sigulda and Turaida

Both tours will start from your hotel and will last about 7 hours. Each tour includes transfer to/from your hotel, entrance tickets and an English-speaking guide. The price of each tour is EUR 75 per person. If you are interested to take part in any of the tour, please fill in the registration form. A more detailed description of the tours is given below.

Tour 1. Rundale Palace - The Luxury of Russian Tsars in the Middle of Latvian Plains

Rundale Palace is the most unique and architecturally richest palace in the Baltics. It was built by Ernst Johan Biron, a favourite of the Russian emperess in the middle of the 18th century. For the construction of this jewel of barocco and rococo architecture, the best architect, F.B.Rastrelli, was called from St.Petersburg. The amount of resources used for the construction is beyong the imaginable - 3000 workers and 400 carts were employed on a daily basis. 300 000 linden trees were planted during a year! There are only a few places in Europe where one can see architecture of this kind which include Versailles and Sanssouci.

The tour starts in Riga with the bus tour around the Old Town and objects in close Pārdaugava (the other side). We will pass Agenskalns - the first suburb of Riga with its wooden architecture, local market and summer cottages of Art Nouveau.  After that you will be taken 80 km south to p Bauska  - an elegant 16th century town with its well-preserved wooden architecture and the Castle of 15th century (Livonian order crusaders) at the meeting point of two rivers. After  another 10 km drive, you will reach the palace. We will be visiting the Throne Hall, the Rose parlour, the White Hall, seeing many porcelain colections and enjoying a walk in the French garden. A lunch at the restaurant near the palace will be a good continuation of the day.

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Tour 2. Sigulda & Turaida - A Trip to the 13th Century Fortresses on the Hills of the Picturesque Gauja River

A small Latvian town of Sigulda is a unique place - being an important center of logistits for both the crusaders and bishops of the Livonian state, it still enjoys their heritage which dates back to the 13th century. The two fortresses from high hills overlook the valley of the river. Hidden in the forest of Krimulda, there are ruins of another feudal castle.
The trip starts at the hotel. First, there is a short sightseeing ride through Art Nouveau (Jugendstiel) of Riga. Then, the bus passes the buildings of several factory buildings of the beginning of the 20th century, including a former pride of Latvia – VEF factory.
After arrival to Sigulda the group will visit the city castle, which used to be the fortress of the Brotherhood of Sword (entrance). Later the trip continues to the Cave of Gutman, full of its legends and its healing spring. Then a visit to the pearl of the 13th century castle engineering – the bishop’s castle of Turaida. The complex offers multiple ethnographic sites including the wooden church of the 18th century, the castle with the museum and its many expositions and the Hill of Dainas. The final touch is the visit to Krimuda.
A lunch at a popular restaurant in Ragana offering its rural Latvian cuisine dishes will be a good continuation of the day.

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