Project partners:

TA Group (Latvia) - project coordinator
Primary school Turun yliopisto (Finland)
Kirkonkylä primary School (Finland)
University of Turku Department of Teacher Education (Finland)
Bergen International School (Norway)
Vilnius International School (Lithuania)
Daugavpils University (Latvia)

The modern rapidly changing world has created a real challenge for educators making them responsible not only for teaching their own subjects but also for developing learners’ skills and attitudes essential for succeeding in their future life. Nowadays teachers are expected to help students enhance their lifelong learning skills by integrating creativity and innovative thinking components in their work. Although many educators accept the new requirement in theory, the practical aspects of bringing creativity and thinking skills in the classroom are often fuzzy. It is not clear how additional room can be found for anything in the already ‘overcrowded’ subject curriculum.

The purpose of the project is to create an adequate framework for education professionals in the Nordic-Baltic area who are ready to face the existing challenge and bring creativity and thinking dimension in the curriculum.

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