What is the project about?

Hardly anyone argues nowadays against the need to bring creativity in the classroom. However, due to various reasons, real classroom still remain traditional in many respects. The project brings together partners from different countries and educational contexts that are passionate about the idea of integrating thinking skills and creativity in the educational process.

The project will adopt a specific methodological approach to the development of creativity and thinking skills across the curriculum based on the ideas of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). As a result of the project, a framework for the professional development of teachers will be developed. The framework will propose specific guidelines to teachers of different subjects and age groups wishing to bring thinking skills dimension in their curriculum.

Teachers of different subjects from partner institutions will be documenting the implementation of the framework in their teacher diaries. Together with concrete tasks used to develop creativity and thinking skills, these will serve as an illustration material for all education professionals wishing to use the framework for their own professional development.

Four workshops for project participants, two of which will be followed by open lessons and experience exchange seminars in partner countries, will constitute the structure of the project. The seminars, along with the final conference attended by the key stakeholders, will also act as important dissemination events, presenting the educational community with specific examples of how creativity and thinking skills can be nurtured.

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